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'When a child listens to a story, they immediately identify with the main character. The emotional life grows. The sense of peace and security, of fear and helplessness, of truth when all is well.'

- uit 'Helend Leren'


Are you looking for a special, inspirational and memorable gift for a child? If so, you might like to give it a customized story gift. This could be at a special time in the child's life, such as a seven-year celebration, a move or divorce, a new brother or sister, a farewell, etc. When a child can use some extra support with a certain life theme, you can specifically choose a healing story.

A healing story comes about intuitively. After mutual coordination, I become quiet, tune in to the child's specific question or situation and listen to the story that wants to be told. The story is meant to support the child on his or her life path or with a process he or she is currently moving through.

A healing story carries archetypal images and keys. These have the potential to support, inspire and help remind the child of who they are in essence in a very gentle, natural and playful way. The story can lift the child up, calm them down and/or show them new possibilities. It can bring relief where needed, or just firmly place the child back in his or her own power. It touches the child in the deeper layers and invites them to reconnect with the natural flow of life.

You will receive the healing story in an audio file, so your child can listen to it again and again.
In consultation we can also look at other possible forms.

If you would like to give a tailored healing story as a gift to your (or a) child, we will proceed as follows:


1. Book the story

Request an offer for a custom story using the form below. After approval and receipt of your payment, you will be sent a confirmation and a questionnaire.

2. Fill out the form

The questionnaire allows you to explain the child's situation or 'question'. This reflection and 'giving words to' is an important part of the process.

3. Story call

Based on the questionnaire you filled out, we clarify the situation together via an in-depth video or telephone conversation. We tune in and where necessary I ask additional questions.

4. Creation of the story

I enter the silence, tune into the child's question or situation and create a unique audio story tailored to the child. The story is recorded by me and may be supported by sound and song elements. An accompanying illustration is also one of the possibilities.

5. Receive the story

You will receive the story for your child in an audio file. You will also receive a pdf document with inspiration, tips, and do's and don'ts on how to ensure the child can best receive and integrate the story.

6. Reflection and anchoring

In a reflection form you can share what the experience brought you and your child. Valuable feedback for me as a "storyteller" and a way for you to gain deeper insight into your child and what the story brought.

About me

'Let me wander through the woods
And listen to stories that dance in the wind.
Let me weave words into soft blankets
and behold the world - again and again -
With the pure, bright eyes of a child.'

- Lien Van Laere

storyteller, deep soul diver, language wizard

(Healing) tailor-made story

Price on request

  • personalized questionnaire
  • story call
  • creation of a medicine story tailored to the child
  • audio file with the story in mp3 format
  • pdf document with inspiration and tips so that the child can optimally receive and integrate the healing effects of the story
  • the possibility to give feedback about your experience (and that of your child) via email and/or audio
  • the possibility to have a beautiful illustration made to go with the story
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"So beautiful. All children should hear this story, especially little boys. Then they would understand that it is okay to cry when you feel sad. That that is not weak, but actually courageous. And that you feel lighter afterwards."

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