For individuals


"We're all just walking each other home."

- Ram Dass


Write your manifesto

At this moment this course is only available in Dutch.
(planning to be translated in English)

In this online master class you will be guided step by step in writing your personal manifesto.
Through videos, audio, a set of reflection questions and a guided meditation, you will collect the building blocks of your manifesto and develop it.
The result is a unique document tailored to your life, intentions and dreams. With words that touch you, make you feel good and set you in motion. So that you can take further steps on your soul path in a powerful and conscious way. Every day again.

Your medicine story

A medicine story is a healing story that is created intuitively, in alignment with a theme or question. It carries archetypal images and keys that have the potential to heal, inspire and help remind the receiver of who he or she essentially is in a gentle, natural and playful way. A medicine story can lift you up, show you new possibilities and bring about a shift in consciousness. It can bring relief and invite you back into your own power. A unique (audio) experience tailored to your needs.

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