About us


Lien & Steven

lovers, deep soul divers, inspirers of Woods of Wonder

We are both highly sensitive and creative multi-potentials, who from an early age questioned how we shaped the world as humanity. Our intuition told us clearly: this can be done differently and better! For decades we searched for answers.

How can we live from gentle strength and true to ourselves, in a world that often feels so loud, intrusive and transgressive? Where are the keys to a joyful and fulfilling life, in service to the big picture and in harmony with all that is?

We look forward to sharing the wisdom, experiences and tools that we gathered on our path and continue to gratefully use ourselves to further build our lives. Love to see you somewhere along the way!

Steven Cnudde

voice liberator, educational innovator, transformer from the heart

*Steven* - 'the crowned one, he who overcomes himself'; the eagle

I would describe my life journey as 'a heart-driven and highly sensitive person on a journey from heaven to hell and back to heaven'. After 15 heavenly years with normal challenges, I ended up in my childhood home in situations that became my personal hell. I eventually carried my dad to psychiatry as a teenager, only to have to bury him when I was 19. A few years later, my mom ended up in alcohol rehab and I watched her slip away in her pain until I buried her when I was 28. During this very challenging time, I began my search for answers. I wanted to discover what could give me back resilience and confidence in life. I now use the powerful tools I found and received in coaching and training.

Our heart, our breath and our voice are three of these particularly powerful tools that gave me resilience. In addition, our consciousness determines our life.
In coaching I search with you at any moment for the best tool to let your Self shine as much as possible.

Since 2006 I coach people and groups through the methodologies I collected through numerous trainings. In 2003 I started the three-year training 'Soufle et Voix' (Breath and Voice) at the Ecole Wilfart (FR). This experience has been transformed into my own approach, in which I strive for as much heart power, softness and the laws of sacred geometry as possible. Other trainings I took are Aikido (Ai-ki-do, way of harmony), Reiki I & II, Tachyon Holistic Wellness, Tachyon Vertical Reality, yoga, chi kung, meditations and online trainings.

I think every day about how we can make the world more beautiful. Currently, my answer is, "The most beautiful world begins with ourselves and with non-duality."
After more than twenty years of searching, trial and error and choosing again and again for a world I believe in, I now form a new combined family together with my beloved partner Lien and daughter Inka.

*Cnudde* - 'the playful one', the squirrel

Renewal in schools is also close to my heart. I dream of schools where head, heart and belly are allowed to remain more in balance, so that adolescents develop more self-knowledge, self-confidence and resilience during their school careers. Nelson Mandela's quote 'Education is the most powerful tool to change the world', fits one of my life missions. I was a co-founder of Harteklop music school and I help build Keerpunt Freinetscholen in Flanders, where I now also work part-time as a mentor with young people. I was involved in other school projects where 'deep play' was one of the core visions, because learning while having fun is one of the main challenges for education, if you ask me. Every day a child is growing, is also a day of the precious life of the child.

In the book 'Elidora awakens from her dream', a (Dutch) fantasy story, I bundled my experiential solutions and insights from my life. I am also the author of 'The miracle in death' (Dutch), which offers a retrospective on my life's path.

Trees and flowers look at me.
I feel invited to stand pure and upright for a moment,
deeply rooted in myself.

I would love to welcome you to our practice to go a journey together.
You can listen to my heart song that I gave to the world on my 42nd birthday here. It is my wish that as humans we may each discover, live and share our unique gift to the world.

Lien Van Laere

storyteller, deep soul diver, language wizard

*Lien* - 'lotus flower', powerful, brave, free.

How can we as humans take our rightful place and contribute to the greater whole?
How can we walk our soul path as authentically and purely as possible, with all our strengths and vulnerabilities, our talents and sensitivities, our beauty and vulnerabilities?
These and other questions I carry with me in my heart. They also inspire me in my writing and in my work with people. Nature is always present, as a wise guide and an inexhaustible source of inspiration and wonder.

Just as the lotus makes its way through the mud to the light, I also sought and found the way to myself, my soulmates and the life that suits me.
As a highly sensitive child, I found it difficult to connect with the world around me. I found life extremely fascinating, but also often complicated and over-stimulating. I loved traveling in my imagination, observing people, and losing myself in a book for hours. In the many stories I read, I found keys. I was seven when I knew I would become a writer, and shortly after studying psychology, I went to work as an independent writer. I worked as an editor, interviewer and copywriter for about ten years. In addition, I invested many years intensively in personal growth work and had the privilege of developing broadly in contact with journeymen, wise women, guides and mentors.

In 2015, I went to England to attend the then Healing Words course at the International School of Storytelling. On the final night of the course - my 35th birthday - I told an audience of local listeners a story about a little fish that dives into the depths and has a wonderful encounter there. It turned out to be my own medicine story that had presented itself earlier that day through an inner image. A deeply personal and at the same time universal story. Receiving it, writing it out and sharing it was deeply healing and transforming. Even before I started the journey back home, I sent a clear intention into the world: I would leave my home in Ghent and open myself for a place in the green. The woods and the silence whispered my name. I listened.

* Van Laere * - 'laar', clearing in the woods

A few weeks later a place to live in the Flemish Ardennes presented itself that suited me wonderfully. Not much later I met Steven, and we became lovers and life partners. He and his daughter also lost their hearts to this quiet oasis in the green. The fact that we can now live and work here together, at the edge of a forest, I experience every day as a gift. Rooted in the purity of nature, the lotus in me blossoms open further.

Let me wander through the woods
And listen to stories that dance in the wind.
Let me weave words into soft blankets
and behold the world - again and again -
with the pure eyes of a child.'

Authentic self-expression and the healing and transforming power of stories are the common thread in both my writing, and in my guided work with people, individually and in groups.
Through my work I want to contribute to what Charles Eisenstein calls 'the more beautiful world our hearts knows is possible'.
I am looking forward to meeting you and discovering which pearls want to come to the surface in that meeting.

We're all just walking each other home.'

- Ram Das