Story oasis



 These times ask for new stories.

Stories that nurture, bring comfort and inspire.
Stories that bring joy, hope, new possibilities and healing.
Stories that touch our hearts.
The stories in this Story Oasis are a mixture of this all.
They are written and told by Lien, our in-house story-magician,
and served on a bed full of love, moss and crispy beech leaves.
To be enjoyed in the form of books and audio stories.

Welcome in a world full of wonder and magic!


Little Wood of Wonders #1

(at the moment only in dutch)
A bundle of five audio stories for all ages. About a long long time ago, in a land far (or perhaps not so far) away.
In our Little Wood of Wonders they grow on the trees and dance in the wind.
Stories that touch the heart and resound for a long time!

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Book 'Zilverhoefje'

A voice deep within wispered to him:
"You are only here for a moment.
Make this journey your most beautiful adventure.
Go, go now, explore the world and Live!"

A heartwarming (dutch) book about a donkey that's blind from birth, to one day discover that it can see with its own heart...

Written by Lien Van Laere
Illustrated by Catherine Balcaen

Can I order? (Dutch)

A tailor-made story

A tailor-made story is specifically attuned to a meaningful moment in the life of a child or to a life theme with which the child can use some inspiration or support.
The story contains archetypal images and touches the child in the deeper layers. It can bring joy and healing, strength and fresh new possibilities.

A unique, precious and unforgettable gift!

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