How about you(th)?




Everything starts with a dream. For years, we had both dreamed of offering young people what we ourselves so desperately needed in our own youth, but rarely found: sparkling and genuine group settings that fitted our needs and where we experienced a feeling of coming home.

Under the motto 'We were not born to fit into this world, but to create a new one', we set to work. With a colorful mix of formal trainings and personal life experience in our backpacks, we each developed an offer over the years, which we shared in several places. When we decided to join forces, our work took on a new depth. We experience time after time that the richness of a male-female field offers a special and powerful added value, especially when working with mixed groups.

With 'How about you(th)?' we offer tailor-made solutions developed in-house. We do this at the request of and/or in cooperation with the organization or group with whom we work.

Some projects we hosted & facilitated

The main themes that have been addressed in our work with young people so far are authenticity, resilience, connection, dream power, the power of the voice, authentic expression and creative writing (as a tool for reflection, inspiration and connection).
In our work we organically weave the consciousness, skills and tools we have developed over the years. Those involve e.g. unconditional presence, deep listening, voice liberation techniques, personal storytelling, creative writing, circle work, visualisation, breathwork, healing words, imagination, narrative coaching, ...

We look back on the following collaborations with much joy and gratitude.
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